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Garbage & Recycling Haulers

Garbage/Recycle Residential Routes

Please use the residential pick-up recycling service instead of the downtown container. For curbside recycling pickup, boxes do not need to be flattened and may be placed on the ground; other items may be placed in boxes or bags. Recyclables: Plastic (1-7), paper, cardboard, tin cans & foil containers. No glass. (

Recycling pickup starts Thursdays at 7:30a. Stay updated on this schedule on De Kruif’s Facebook page.

Place your can on the edge of the curb. Please make sure the sheels are facing your home, and the opening is facing the street. All garbage must fit in your can with the lid closed. There must be 3 ft of clearance around your can. Please do not place next to mailboxes, light poles, parked cars or other obstructions.

Garbage must fit in the container ($3 extra tags’ available at Fareway or Hy-Vee).

Questions? Please call De Kruif Disposal: (712) 324-3404

De Kruif Disposal

  • Contact Information: (712) 324-3404; they also rent out small size & large roll-offs dumpsters.

New garbage & recycling routes, effective June 18, 2023

Schwarz Sanitary Service (Residential accounts have been acquired by De Kruif. New route effective June 18, 2023)

  • Contact Information: (712) 324-3404 is the contact for De Kruif, which has acquired Schwarz residential customers.
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Sheldon Tree & Brush Dump Rules and Regulations

Location Information

Rules & Regulations

  • This site is reserved for disposal of trees and brush from properties within city limits of Sheldon, Iowa.
  • Disposing of materials other than what is allowed is strictly forbidden. Absolutely no other dumping is allowed.
  • Use of this site by anyone for the purpose other than what is allowed or from property outside the city limits is strictly forbidden.
  • Removal of any materials, including dirt, without express permission of the City of Sheldon is forbidden and will be considered theft.
  • The loss of tree limbs, etc. on streets and roadways to and from the site are your responsibility. Please clean up after yourself.

Your cooperation with the regulations is greatly appreciated and will help keep the tree dump open.

Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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Sheldon Leaf & Yard Waste Dump Rules and Regulations

Location Information

Rules & Regulations

  • Please DO NOT dump tree branches or brush here.
  • All rules from the Tree & Brush dump apply here as well.
  • This is not a place for trash or old appliances.
  • No bags allowed. None. Not even the paper biodegradable ones.

Please note: We have been exploring a way to combine the sites, but that is not likely anytime soon.

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