City's large downtown recycling container has moved...

February 1, 2024

Effective 1/3/24: The City’s Residential Recycling Container will be moved to De Kruif Disposal’s yard at 300 N 2nd Ave. On 7/6/22, the Sheldon City Council directed the container be removed starting 2024. Since that time, the Council has decided to keep the container available for use, but it’s been moved to De Kruif Disposal’s site at the NE intersection of Old 60 and Pine St. The container is now available only to Sheldon residential customers. Click [here] for the routes and schedules.

To sign up for business recycling or find out more about home recycling, please email Mark or Missy Gurtler at De Kruif Disposal or visit their Facebook page. You may also call them at 712-324-3404.

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